The Protective Strip of
Magnetic Nano Silver Anion

Each AMI Sanitary Napkin contains the protective Magnetic Nano Silver Anion strip. The strip releases Anion (negative ions) that effectively suppresses the survival and multiplication of bacteria on the napkins, ensuring any prevention against infection from the growth of bacteria.


Ergonomically Designed

AMI Sanitary Napkins are designed comfortably to fit perfectly onto the human contour, giving you a lasting comfort to last while you carry out your daily activities.


Super Absorbent
& Ultra-Thin

AMI Sanitary Napkins allow you maximum comfort because of the ultra-thin design of our napkins. Not only that, it absorbs discharge faster than what most napkins do; thus, allowing you a comfortable feel throughout the day-and night!


Fragrant FREE!

AMI Sanitary Napkins contain fragrant FREE materials which mean that they do not have alcohol or harmful essences. Harmful materials from scents can lead to skin irritations and needless infections.


Made with 100%
Virgin Pure Materials

All our products are made 100% from Virgin Pure Materials and is recommended for safe human use.


Hygienic & Classy Packaging

Each AMI Sanitary Napkin come with totally hygienic and neatly sealed in aluminum foil packets to prevent harmful contaminants from making contact onto the pads causing harmful infections. The neat and hygienically aluminum foil packets also protect against other harmful particles or dirt that may be contained inside your bags during storage.

Intro Set

Limited Time Only!

Also comes with an Introductory Free Gift
1 Box with 5pcs of AMI Bio Warmer Pad

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